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LaRaksha Social Impact Trust an NGO-MFI

LaRaksha Social Impact Trust an NGO-MFI, registered member of Sa-dhan (Self-Regulatory Organisation), promoting financial access to the Rural and Semi urban households in Economically Weaker section and Low Income Group. LaRaksha Social Impact Trust as a MFI set up addresses the acute gap in access to finance and to promote economic and social betterment of its beneficiaries and their Livelihoods and improving Habitat of the rural household by providing credit and non-credit services through dedicated Roofing solutions.

The Trust was registered under the Indian Trust Act and formed on 05th February 2018. The operations of the Trust were started on July 2018. LaRaksha Social Impact Trust became the member of Association with Sa-dhan since April 2020 (attached the Certificate of membership) and all the business operations are operated in line with Sa-dhan’s Code of Conduct and code of Responsible lending.


LaRaksha Social Impact Trust an NGO-MFI Organizational Profile

Registration Type Registered Under Indian Trust Act
Registration Number Registered as No 115 of 2018 of Book IV dated 05-Feb-2018

Managing Trustee &

Chief Functionary

Mr. A Ramesh Kumar – Chairman & Managing Trustee
Regulatory Member of Sa-Dhan(SRO) membership no 402
Income Tax PAN AABTL6683P
Office Conduct details Email: [email protected]
Land Line: 044-48585871

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Trust Activities and its Financial Products

Rural households are generally starved of financial access to sustain their livelihood and have to depend on relatives and Money Lenders for their funds, thus creating financial and mental stress as well as impairing earnings and Livelihoods.  In order to create Financial inclusion and serve the Rural poor LaRaksha Social Impact Trust provides the livelihood loans to the Rural  and Semi urban parts of Tamil Nadu, West  Bengal and Manipur.

Similarly, when these Rural households have shortage of funds for their basic infrastructural needs, it creates hurdles in enhancing their livelihood income and especially while large number of rural families are in need of upgradation of Shelter from Kutcha and semi-permanent to permanent, for protection from the onslaught of nature, it is not always affordable. Hence an affordable medium term solution for upgrading the Roof, which is the most vulnerable and critical part of the house is necessary and a dedicated Loan Product for this is needed.

Gap Identification was done by Laraksha Social Impact Trust for a unique Roofing Loan Product for vulnerable coastal and high rainfall communities in collaboration with “Terwilliger Centre for Innovation in Shelter(TCIS)” of Habitat for Humanity International, Manila, for a Research Project.

Phase I of the project

Gap Identification by Laraksha for a unique Roofing Loan Product for vulnerable coastal and high rainfall communities. Laraksha collaboration with “Terwilliger Centre for Innovation in Shelter (TCIS)” of Habitat for Humanity International, Manila, for a Research Project.

Launch of Field Study to understand the   Issues relating to Roofing Access to Finance for addressing Roofing requirements of Coastal Communities in Tamilnadu.

Scope: 4 Coastal Blocks of Tamilnadu in Cuddalore and Nagapattinam districts, covering 300 households.

Analysis of Findings of the LaRaksha Roofing Study

The Study has thrown light on various issues relating to roofing requirements of the community


A mid-term roofing solution may be developed to cater to the needs of this segment of the population as these households seem to be the missing segment in Housing Loans and are unable to afford regular Housing finance and at the same time are not eligible for Government Grants for Housing.


Phase II of the project

3 Day Design workshops was conducted with Expert Designers and continued with filed visit as a part of Product design.

Based on the workshop and Field Visits, Roofing Loan Product was developed.

Pilot study planned with Pilot run for 50 customers to be provided roofing loans and based on the Process flow and Customer behaviour on product utilisation and repayment will be observed. Currently Pilot is in progress and expected to be completed by March 2021 and the product will be launched.

Client Outreach

LaRaksha Social Impact Trust has reached out to around 2200 customer across the regions of Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Manipur with a current active portfolio of around Rs.2.75 Crores.

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